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Expressing Beyond Genes

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Inter-College Event

Bizz Buzz

“Unleash the marketing executive within you”

Test your power of conviction in this amazing event that guarantees to keep you on your toes.

Biz Buzz is an event that puts your marketing skills to the test. Contestants will participate in teams of 2 to 4 members and will be provided with various products which they have to sell. However, the event removes the limitation of having to sell at a maximum retail price. You will instead be provided with a minimum retail price and can choose to sell at a price of your choice without a maximum limit holding you back. The team that successfully sells their products in the specified time limit and earns the highest is declared the winner.

Test your power of conviction in this amazing event that guarantees to keep you on your toes.

Last year the Biz Buzz winners had a massive prize pool of Rs. 25000.

Rules and Regulations:

  • Teams will be given products the prices of which will be unknown.
  • A team has to deposit Rs. 500 to get the products from the organisers.
  • After the end of the event the team will have to deposit the money to the organizers and they will immediately get 45% of their total money back.
  • The remaining money of all the teams will pile up to make up the first and second prizes.

Team size- 2-4 members
Last date of registration-16th March
Date of event-16th March
Venue- KIIT School of Biotechnology
Prizes- Amount you manage to earn!!!

Registration: For Registration send in your team name, members name and contact numbers to
For further queries contact-Ekta (9583490115) (8093792487)

Inter-College Event

Natya Nagari

“Change in society comes with the change in the mindset of the people.”

Nukkadnatak is a form of theatrical performance and presentation in outdoor public spaces.

For the cause that lacks assistance,The wrong that needs resistance,
For the future in the distance. Come forth, come all.

Break Free!!

Let your perception, energy and expressions speak.

Natya Nagari is back to set the stage for you.

The participating teams will portray issues of social relevance in the most creative manner and compete against each other to win this contest.

Each group must contain 15-20 members.

Time limit - 10-15 minutes (for each group)
Date:18th March
Time: 9 am- 12pm
Last date for registration-17th March
Venue: KIIT School of Biotechnology
Registration Fee:Rs.500 per group.


1. All the participating teams must mail a short synopsis (50-100 words) of their scripts to
2. Team limit: 20 (including 2 instrumentalists)
3. Time limit: 20 minutes
4. Any adaptation from some original piece of work should be mentioned with the script.
5. Clothing or actions that could be perceived as obscene, lewd, vulgar or plainly offensive is strictly prohibited.
6. Language can be Hindi/English. Regional touch can be given.
7. Exceeding time limit will attract a penalty of marks.
8. Only live music is allowed. Teams will have to bring their own instruments.
9. Use of fire/water/smoke machines on stage or in close proximity of stage is not permitted.
10. In case of any situation which have not been described in the rules, the decision taken by the judges will be final.

For further details contact- Gargi Shukla- 8596096654 Indraneel Shukla - 7205537380

Inter-College Event


“Make the inanimate speak.”

Walk. Look. See. Stop. Capture. There is only you and your camera! And the possibilities are infinite! Come and join us on Klick and paint your world on the film. Because every picture has a hidden story!

People say that a time machine can’t be invented, but they’ve already invented a device that can stop time, cameras are the world’s first time machines.

Come and compete with the best Time-Stoppers and let us pick the best moments of the galaxy.

Last date of entries- 15th March till 12 noon
Team size:1-3

1.Click a set of three pictures per team. One picture per theme( any three themes).Themes have been mentioned below.
Photography Themes:
a. Smart City Bhubaneswar
b. An ode to the Indian culture and heritage
c. Age is just a number
d. Forms of nature
2.Use of images manipulation tools is prohibited except changing exposure, blur, monochrome effect and settings in camera.
3.Participants are allowed to submit pictures, clicked on any device with a 5MP camera lens or above.
Send your entries at from any one of team member's own Email ID with the team member's name and contact details.

1.Participants must submit a short video of minimum 60 seconds and maximum 5 minutes.
2.Videos may be of any style such as documentary or interview or micro story based, etc.
Each Video Themes:
a. The beauty of Science
b. Strokes of emotion
3.In the end credits, kinesis 2016 must be mentioned along with names of all team members.
4.Plagiarism is prohibited.

Prizes for:
i.)Best Photography
ii.) Best Videography
iii.) Best team overall.

For further details contact- Souvik 8093501905
Atreyi 7077102465


Inter-College Event

Hit The Beat

“Dance is a way to find yourself and lose yourself…All at the same time.”

Dancing is a shared language, the performers communicate with the crowd with or without any words, letting their moves speak for them.

The dance competition invites students to bring to the floor, their most exhilarating moves as a pair or in a group and battle it out in the pursuit of excellence. Dancing is a shared language, the performers communicate with the crowd with or without any words, letting their moves speak for them. As therapeutic it is for the dancers, it is more of a delight to watch.
Theme-Unmad (Insanity)

1. Theme: UNMAAD (insanity, intoxicity).
2. Participation can be done in groups of 2 or more (upto 10 max).
3. As prelims, a 2 min video of the performance is required.
4. For prelims, costume is not a major factor.
5. The participants can perform any form of dance.
6. For finale, 5 groups would be selected (5-7 min).

Selection Procedure:

First Round:-Send a 2 minute video of your performance to
Top 5 groups will be selected for the finals.

Last date of registration- 10th March
Date of event- 18th March
For further details contact-Suchismita (8093648956)

Prize Distribution:
Sponsored by Cafe99
1st Prize: Free food coupon worth Rs.1500
2nd Prize: Free food coupon worth Rs.1000

Inter-College Event

Junkyard WarsJunkyard Wars

"One man's trash is another man's treasure!"

To create, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.

Participants are required to create the best out of waste materials and the crafts would be judged on the basis of creativity and recyclability.
The crafts so made would be available on auction for those who wish to buy.

No. of participants: max. 2 per group
Materials required:Junk will be provided. Participants can bring their own junk too.
Time for the event: 2hr
Last date of registration- 17th March
Date of event- 18th March
Venue:KIIT School of Biotech.
Registration Fee:Rs.50 per team
Registration:for registration send in your team name,members name and contact no. to

1. Participants need to make something that is useful in some way.
2. Time provided is 2hrs.
3. The raw material used should be junk.
4. Participants will be judged on the basis of their creativity and the idea.

For further details contact-Soundarya Karamcheti(8093122697)

Inter-College Event



“This is community for people who see their social life through a screen.”

Test your luck and may the odds be in your favour! Because the game is on at ‘Cybergeddon’!!

Battlefields- Countersrtike 1.6

1. Counter Strike : 1st prize:Rs.4000 2nd prize:Rs.1000
2. DOTA2: 1st prize:Rs.4000 2nd prize:Rs.1000

The entire event is self-financed thanks to our esteemed sponsors ‘Gameomaniacs’ and the money collected as registration fee.

For further details contact- Naheed (7381026639) Gouda (9438331124)

Inter-College Event


"Let's Futsal!!"

Feel the magic of this beautiful game in the very exciting format.

"Let's Futsal!!"
Feel the magic of this beautiful game in the very exciting format.

Rules and Regulation:

1. 24 teams, knockout tournament.
2. 6-a-side match. Teams can have a squad of up to maximum 10 players.
3. 10minutes a half (20minutes per match).
4. Registration Fees: Rs500 per team.
5. Registration will not be finalised until payment is received.
Last Date of Registration:8th March

Date of Event:9, 10, 11 and 12th March.
Time:6 pm to 9 pm.
Registration:: Send your team name, members name and contact numbers to

Contact:Dipon Sarkar: 8093889209 Vighnesh Sunder: 9776716727

Intra-college Event

Cybergeddon In-house


1.Counterstrike 1.6:
1st prize:Rs.2500

2.Call of Duty:
1st Prize:Rs.2000

1st prize:Rs.750 2nd prize:Rs.350

4.Split Second:
1st prize:Rs.750 2nd prize:Rs.350

5.Subway Surfer (For girls)
1st prize:Rs.1000 2nd prize:Rs.500

For further details contact- Tanmay Bhardwaj (7381717975)

Intra-College Event

Treasure Hunt

Good fortune is out in the open, all you have to do is hunt.

For further details contact- Nandini (9051688179)

There is so much gain,
Only if you can take the pain;
Dance a measure,Rejoice with pleasure;
Treat no clue light,Beware and match it right;
Take careful measure,Can you hunt the treasure?

Do you have it in you to crack codes, solve mysteries and unlock riddles?
Come, let's play Sherlock again!

Rules and Regulation:
1. Each group can have a minimum of three and a maximum of 5 members.
2. The rules for respective rounds will be disclosed just before the rounds.
3. Depending upon the participation, number of rounds will vary from 4-5 rounds including the final round.
4. One of your members should be a lady.
Last Date of Registration:11 March, 12 noon

Date of Event:
a. 11 March Prelims
b. 12 March Second Round
c. 13 March 3rd and 4th round.
Registration:: Send your team name, members name and contact numbers to

Contact:Sounak Chowdhury: 7205507908
Naheed: 7381026639
Nandini Mozumdar 8339828852 / 9051688179

Intra-College Event


When its about testing brain power nothing is better than a rapid fire of questions.

For further details contact- Joydeep(9776308815 )

True ignorance is not the absence of knowledge but the refusal to accept it.Tickle those gray cells and redeem all that is forgotten.
Do not hold yourself back as we present to you the ultimate platform to test your observance, awareness, vigilance and common sense!
Think you got it all? Come, prove it.

Rules and Regulation:
1. Each team to be comprising of 3 members.
2. Participants for finals will be selected from the prelims.
3. Total team of 10 to be selected for finals, if there is a tie, elimination round comprising of 12 will occur in the finals.
4. Finals will commence with 7 rounds and the winner takes it all.
Last Date of Registration:15th March

Date of Event:
a. 16 March Prelims
b. 18 March Finals.
Registration:: Send your team name, members name and contact numbers to

Contact:Joydeep 9776308815

Intra-College Events

Blind man’s art

The world is but a canvas to our imagination.

For further details contact- Bhaswati Guha 7750837955

‘Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much’.

If you think your partner and you have just the right understanding and co-ordination, this is your battle to fight, and win.

No of team member: 2

1. One of the two members will be blindfolded.
2. The other one will be given a copy of a picture and he/she has to direct the other person to recreate the same picture.
3. The one directing, his/her hand will be tied so that they can only help the blindfolded member verbally.
4. The team which will be able to recreate the picture or the closest to the original picture wins the game.
5. Participants will have to bring their own colouring set, pencil, eraser.
6. The picture will be provided at the time of the event.
7. Any kind of falsification will lead to immediate disqualification.
Total time period given: 30 mins
Last Date of Registration: 17 March
Event Date: 19 March
For Registration: Send in your team name, members name and contact numbers to
Contact- Bhaswati Guha, 7750837955

Intra-College Events

Unconventional Orchestra

Play the music not the instrument.

For further details contact- Afrin Khan

You cannot play a symphony alone. It takes an orchestra to play it.
Be part of an extraordinary event that allows no musical instruments, and yet demands music to be heard. Are you up for the challenge?

1. Members in each group - Min. 4
2. Competition is about creating rhythmic sounds unconventionally.
3. No musical instruments should be used (only drum sticks allowed). Any objects other than musical instruments may be used (e.g. utensils, wooden objects, clapping, tapping etc.)
4. Vocals may be used but genuine singing isn't allowed throughout the performance.
5. Participants will themselves have to arrange for their props.
6. Time limit- 6-8 mins.
Last Date of Registration: 17 March
Event Date: 19 March
For Registration: Send in your team name, members name and contact numbers to

Contact-Afrin Khan (9040790615)
Nandini Gupta (9078802632)

Intra-College Events

Taste War

Eating is necessity but cooking is an art.

For further details contact- Ritu Nayak(9658446952)

‘Eating is a necessity, but cooking is an art.’
It is time to bring out the chef in you and let the world witness your culinary skills. It requires instinct and taste, rather than exact measurements. It is magic, but magic must you do WITHOUT fuel.

Rise up to the challenge, young chefs and show us that the fire within you is enough to cook your food! Chop it right, cook it right, and serve it right.

After all, hunger is the best sauce!

Rules and Regulation:
1. Time limit is 2 hours.
2. No fuel or any kind of electrical appliances are allowed.
3. Five ingredients are to be provided on the spot and out of 5, three must be utilized, else team will be disqualified.
4. Five plates should be served.
5. Each team can have 1 to 3 participants.
6. Each participant should be present 1 hour before the onset of the competition.
Last Date of Registration:16th March
Date of Event:18th March Finals

Registration:: Send your team name, members name and contact numbers to

Contact:Ritu Rebecca 9658446952

Intra-College Events


If you can’t convince them, confuse them.

For further details contact- Annesha (9078024585)

Intra-College Events


When words leave off, music begins. When words fail, music speaks.

For further details contact-
Sumita Jena(7381529281)

When words leave off, music begins. When words fail, music speaks.It is the outburst of the soul.
It is the literature of the heart. It is the universal language of mankind.
Express yourself in the most musical way and we will find our way into your surreal world.
1. Four themes – Romance, Tragedy, Happiness, Devotional.
2. Chits will be provided to each participant on lottery basis. Each chit will have one of the themes written on it.
3. Each participant has to sing a song related to the allotted theme only i.e. the theme written on the chit picked up by them.
4. 1.5 minutes of time to show your talent.
5. No instrument or karaoke to be used.
6. No vulgar words to be used in the song.
7. Songs other than Hindi will entertain disqualification.
8. No medley is to be sung.
9. Semi-classical or soft musical songs will be appreciated.
Prelims (for duet)-
1. Only Hindi songs are to be sung.
2. Multiple songs are to be sung in medley form.
3. 2 minutes of time for each couple.
4. No vulgar words to be used in the song.
5. No karaoke or instrument to be used.
Last Date of Registration: 13 March

Date of Event:1. 14 March Prelims
2. 18 March Finals
Registration:Send in your name (both names if duet) and contact number(s) to

Contact:Sumita 7381529281 Titas 8093102358

Intra-College Event

Glam & Gliz

It’s the quest to look for the best model and the most exhilarating theme in this glamour walk.

For further details contact- Tejas (8093649285)

Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you. Fashion has to reflect who you are, what you feel at the moment, and where you’re going.
Hold your breath as five themes (Blender's Pride, Lure of the Dark, Abhaya, Once upon a Time and Tale of Caramel) battle it out to become the best of the night.

1. The best theme will be judged on basis of creativity, use of the stage and style.
2. The best male and female models will be judged on the basis their confidence, poise and body language.
3. The time limit for each theme is 5 minutes. Negative points will be awarded for exceeding the time limit.

4. Event Date: 18 March
For Registration: Send in your team name, members name and contact numbers to
Ayushi 8093588650

Prizes for:
a. Best Theme
b. Best male & female model

Contact-Tejas 8594964229


Kinesis is the annual fest of KIIT School of Biotechnology, KIIT University,Bhubaneswar. Kinesis has been organized every year since 2008 with the aim of connecting the dots between science, technology and culture and has given every individual a chance to learn beyond the classroom.

Starting from a small intra departmental fest, utilizing its available resources, Kinesis has grown by leaps and bounds each year. Since 2015, the fest has opened its gates for the rest of the university, and attained greater horizons than ever before. The level of participation has been escalating, the myriad of events, the dazzling evening of sartorial elegance and the brimming enthusiasm of the students all add to the grandeur of the fest. Kinesis welcomes students from all other departments of KIIT University and different institutions to be a part of it and participate in a plethora of innovative and exciting events.


KIIT School of Biotechnology (KSBT) was established in 2007 as a constituent of KIIT University to be the first institute in the state to have integrated academic and research programs.

With its foundation stone laid by Prof. Richard R. Ernst (Noble Laureate, 1991) and institute inaugurated by Prof. Hans Hengartner and Prof. Rolf Zinkernagel (Noble Laureate, 1996), KSBT heralds a new era of science with a broad vision of developing a trained human resource in the promising field of biotechnology. By means of a simple vision of "Science for Society", we work for making biotechnology available to the common masses.

With our team of young and experienced research faculty we conduct several society based research programmes and workshops. We organize, sponsor and host guest faculty, national and international conferences and interaction sessions of well-known speakers for scientific growth of post graduate and research students.



No fest is complete without the seasoning of dance, music and songs.

The Genesis-

Grenading grooves and ravishing dance moves will take the centre stage.


A compilation of the best literary works of the department in this annual magazine.

DJ Night-

DJ Vaaleybabumeragaanabaja de!

Rup Night-

Amar Dada Sobar Dada....